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Tax Planning is part of our Roots

In 2010, Guy Holman opened TCI’s Denver office in the heart of Larimer Square. After years as a CPA, Guy felt compelled to help people along their financial journeys beyond the scope of a traditional CPA. He wanted to provide clients with personalized, practical and informed financial guidance that considers tax implications. Taxes aren’t something you should think about during tax season. Rather, taxes should be integrated into your long-term financial plan. Tax planning is an integral part of every financial plan and recommendation we make. At TCI, we provide up-to-date advice on how to protect your wealth, pay your taxes and limit your burden. Combined with our expertise in financial planning, you’ll be able to establish a tax plan that influences your current financial decisions, as well as your long-term goals.

Personalized Tax Planning Approach

Our approach to tax planning at TCI’s Denver office is meticulous. Your current financial situation and goals are central to every decision we make. Our strategies are based on deep tax knowledge, aiming to maximize your financial resources while ensuring tax efficiency.


Our goal is to help you achieve tax efficiency while remaining compliant with tax laws and regulations. We understand that tax efficiency can mean different things for different clients, sometimes resulting in lower tax bills and sometimes not. We are dedicated to responsible tax planning, ensuring that your financial plan is aligned with your goals and values.

Denver Mountains
Denver Mountains

Every Financial Decision Has Tax Implications

Every wealth management decision carries significant tax implications. From investment choices and portfolio rebalancing to retirement planning, the way you manage your financial affairs can have a profound impact on your annual tax bill. At TCI’s Denver office, our goal is for you to live your purpose-filled life instead of spending time thinking about taxes. We’re here to be your sounding board on whether you should invest in tax-efficient funds and/or whether you should optimize your asset location within tax-advantaged accounts to reduce annual tax liability. Furthermore, let us structure your retirement income withdrawals thoughtfully so you don’t have to worry about your spending habits in retirement. Tax implications are interwoven into every facet of wealth management, and having someone overseeing this is essential to your peace of mind throughout your financial journey.

Working with Your Team of Professionals

At TCI’s Denver office, we know that the most successful client relationships are a byproduct of working together, not individually. Therefore, we emphasize collaboration within TCI and with your team of professionals. When necessary, our advisors will reach out to your CPA ensuring that tax strategies align with your financial plan. We’ll coordinate with your estate planning attorney to integrate your wealth management goals into your estate plan, providing a comprehensive approach to securing your legacy. Our collaborative approach means that the details of your financial picture allow for a unified strategy designed to help you meet your goals.

Optimizing Cash Flow in Denver

We understand that achieving financial freedom and securing the retirement of your dreams requires more than just accumulating wealth. It needs a well-thought-out retirement cash flow strategy to ensure your life is funded throughout your retirement. Your unique strategy should account for living expenses, making sure there is money to fulfill your goals and be flexible to accommodate unexpected expenses. At TCI we’re here to help develop and oversee this strategy every step of the way, and help you navigate changing your mindset from saving for retirement to spending comfortably in retirement.

Family walking in the woods in Denver
Family walking in the woods in Denver

Developing a Retirement Cash Flow Plan

Your retirement is a significant life transition that deserves careful planning and consideration. This is why, leading up to retirement, we spend time talking about cash flow, the lifeblood of retirement. Each retirement cash flow plan we build considers your various income sources, including pensions, Social Security, investment income, real estate and other assets. Then we review your spending and any other financial obligations. Once we get a sense of how much is coming in and going out, we have a cash flow baseline. After that is determined, the fun starts, and we talk about envisioning how to fund your goals and what you would like to accomplish in the subsequent years.

Familly moving in to new home in Denver
Familly moving in to new home in Denver

Transitioning from Accumulation to Decumulation

The transition from accumulating assets to decumulating them represents a profound mental shift in your financial journey. While the accumulation phase is defined by the pursuit of growing wealth, the decumulation phase marks the beginning of spending those hard-earned resources. While it sounds easy enough on paper, this transition represents a significant shift in mindset, where the focus moves from wealth generation to strategic asset management to ensure financial security throughout retirement. Planning for decumulation requires careful consideration of factors such as retirement income, withdrawal strategies and asset preservation, ultimately aiming to find a balance between enjoying and ensuring financial longevity.

Accomplishing Your Goals with Healthy Cash Flow

Team TCI sees financial freedom as the ability to enjoy both time and money according to your personal preferences. By not being beholden too much, you get the freedom to live comfortably in Colorado (or wherever else you want), pursue passions on your time or simply have the peace of mind of being secure in your finances. At TCI, we believe goal-based financial planning and a comprehensive retirement cash flow strategy can help you achieve this state. By defining your unique vision of financial freedom, setting achievable goals and following a customized plan, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success.

Strategic Investment Planning in Denver

Since 2010, TCI’s Denver office has been helping people achieve their goals by building unique investment strategies tailored to their needs. As financial advisors, our objective is to understand the goals you’d like to achieve in life and build an investment strategy that supports accomplishing them. As your trusted financial advisor, we’re here to listen, provide guidance and be lifelong partners throughout the ups and downs of life.

Understanding Your Investment Needs

Your strategic investment journey begins with Guy Holman, CFP® or Lauren Williams, MBA, CFP® gaining an understanding of you. We listen attentively while you talk about your behaviors toward money, your risk tolerance and your goals. At TCI’s Denver office we believe that a successful investment strategy is one that helps you fulfill your long-term goals, whether it’s preparing for retirement, funding a future CU Boulder Buffalo’s education, working with the Denver Foundation to leave a lasting impact for your community, or all of them. We work collaboratively with you to create an investment plan that addresses your specific needs, ensuring that your portfolio is structured to achieve your financial aspirations while managing risk effectively.

Wideshot of Denver
Wideshot of Denver

TCI's Long-Term Approach

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, making well-informed decisions that stand the test of time is paramount. This is why we embrace a long-term investment philosophy as the foundation to each investment strategy we build. Investing, by definition, is a long-term exercise. It’s not about what happened yesterday or what may happen in the next month or so. For most people, it’s about how to realize goals over a 25 to 30-year period.


Each investment strategy we build has guard rails on it attempting to limit impacts from market volatility. Our steadfast, long-term approach is time tested, helping ensure your investments remain in harmony with your objectives.

Wealth Management Tailored to You

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to wealth management. Your financial journey is unique, and your investment strategy should reflect that. Our advisors are dedicated to tailoring wealth management solutions to your specific circumstances and objectives.


Whether you’re retiring tomorrow or 30 years from now, we’ll work with you to construct a personalized investment plan. Our goal is to optimize your portfolio’s performance to fund your long-term financial goals. We’re committed to providing transparent advice and being your fiduciary. Our team is working diligently to protect and grow your wealth, providing you with the peace of mind that your financial future is in capable hands.

Portrait of Lauren Williams, CFP®, MBA

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