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Why a Family Chief Financial Officer may be just what the doctor ordered

When was the last time you examined your finances? No, really looked at them in regards to where you are today, what you’re spending now, and how your financial plan will determine your future lifestyle?

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John Stephens, MD, MBA, CFA, CFP®

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Why choose TCI as your wealth advisors?

Just as patients need a doctor who’s an expert in their field, doctors need an advisor who’s an expert in theirs. We understand that a general financial plan won’t work for everyone — especially retiring doctors. Our experienced wealth advisors know the unique financial experiences and complexities doctors face throughout their career and post-retirement. We’ll sit down with you in our initial discovery meeting to learn more about you, your family, and how we can ensure the next phase of your financial journey is heading in the right direction.

A team approach

At TCI Wealth Advisors, we take an academic approach to investing. We don’t just act as an investment manager; think of our team as your financial primary care provider. We’ll assemble the right team of experts and advisors to provide you ongoing education, resources, and personal sessions to match your exact needs — all while helping you achieve your financial goals.

A fee-only firm

TCI Wealth Advisors is also an independent, fee-only firm, which means that you’ll work with a dedicated team who knows your situation, goals, and investments intimately. As a fee-only firm, you’ll have transparency on the fees associated with working with us, and you won’t have to worry that our advice is based on commissions or hidden fees.

To learn more about our wealth management and estate planning services, contact our team of wealth advisors today. Fill out the form below or call us at (877) 733-1859 to have an advisor contact you.