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The Essential Guide to Retirement Planning: Achieving Financial Freedom

Most of our lives are spent accumulating assets with the intention to retire one day. Yet, as the retirement date draws nearer, people struggle with the notion that they are going to draw down the assets they have accumulated for more than 30 years.

The primary reason we plan for retirement is to feel comfortable when the switch flips from accumulation to decumulation. One of the questions we get most often is, “What will it look and feel like to begin spending down our assets as we age?” Unfortunately, you won’t know until we help you get there. This, along with many other questions and emotions, tends to roll around in the minds of those who don’t have retirement plans. While the answers to these questions hold many variables, including your location, goals, health and age, you’re starting in the right place simply by asking questions.

Finding Success Due to Retirement Planning

TCI’s definition of “retirement success” is much more about the pursuit of happiness. First and foremost, dismiss the word, “retirement,” altogether. Our goal is to empower you with financial freedom, the idea of achieving a life in which you no longer need to rely on paychecks and can live off your assets. Some people can get overwhelmed with this notion but at TCI, we’re here to help define what successful financial freedom means for you. Part time consulting work? Play? Work and play? It’s your choice. Research consistently shows that the happiest retirees are those who remain engaged in their careers, their causes or their communities. They continue to seek out challenges, to learn and grow, whether they are paid or unpaid. The bottom line: There is no longer any playbook for retirement. You’re going to have to write your own, and we’re here to help.

Denver Mountains
Denver Mountains

Crafting Your Legacy with Thoughtful Planning

Many of our earliest retirement planning conversations will concern personal goals, supporting education or funding memorable family vacations. Yet, once we’ve established your proposed path to retirement, we will encourage you to think deeply about the legacy you want to leave. How can you make an impact on the world? Do you want to positively impact our beloved Scottsdale community, or can you make an impact throughout Arizona? Also, defining your legacy is not necessarily a once-in-a-lifetime activity. It can be a commitment that evolves with your retirement plan throughout your life. At TCI, we’re here to help you navigate the legacy you want to leave by including charitable plans in your goals. Whether you’re just starting or well into your earning years, leaving a legacy is a way to shape a better future for all.

Time, Your Most Valuable Asset

It goes without saying that time is our most valuable asset. At TCI, we use retirement planning to make the most of the time you have. We call it financial freedom. We want to help you spend your time and money as you like. For many, this is one of the ultimate goals to achieve in life, but it can require years of planning to get there. When you begin working with a TCI Advisor, they listen and learn about your vision, goals, and how you would like to spend your time. After creating a retirement plan, we’ll help you implement your plan. From there, we’ll help guide you along your way toward financial freedom.

Expert Investment Management Services in Scottsdale: Tailored Strategies for Your Financial Goals

At TCI’s Scottsdale office, our focus is on creating an exceptional investment experience for you. From the moment you first walk through our doors, or join your first Zoom, our goal is to provide you with a financial journey in which you feel comfortable and confident. We maintain a deep, multigenerational group of Advisors to guide you through an investment strategy that best suits your unique needs. This enables us to connect with clients of all ages and backgrounds, bringing a broad range of perspectives and suggestions to your financial journey. This multigenerational approach creates opportunities to build relationships that cater to the evolving needs of the greater Phoenix area’s population. You, like all clients of TCI in Scottsdale, can be confident that your investment management strategy is in the most capable hands.

TCI’s Investment Management Approach

Since we opened our doors, TCI’s Scottsdale office has been dedicated to crafting investment management solutions that empower clients to achieve their long-term goals and lead purpose-filled lives. By comprehensively examining the intricacies of your assets, we can create a financial plan directed toward your specific situation. We use a time-tested, data-driven investment philosophy that has been honed throughout our 30 years serving clients in Scottsdale. Our focus extends beyond investments, too. TCI’s strategies are tax efficient and address your estate planning needs, as well. They ensure your financial well-being far into the financial future.

Wideshot of Denver
Wideshot of Denver

Creating Your Custom Investment Management Strategy

In some ways, building an investment management strategy is similar to preparing a gourmet meal. It takes time to produce and is composed of many unique flavors. Each step is a deliberate choice, and the end result reflects the refinement and patience of your efforts. When your finances are in order you have more time to focus on your purpose and passions, and that’s when you truly begin to be yourself.

The financial plans TCI creates are built around our clients’ their unique investment management needs and consider cash flow requirements, risk tolerance and behavior with finances. Our approach is not about chasing hot stocks and hoping for a big hit. Instead, our philosophy is rooted in academic research and discipline. Markets may jolt but shouldn’t derail your well-crafted strategy.

What Does a Successful Investment Experience Look Like?

At TCI, we deem successful investment management experiences based on how happy our clients are and whether they are feeling fulfilled as they go through life. When we’re building your investment management solution, what we’re really asking is three simple questions:

  • What is your desired lifestyle?
  • What goals would you like to accomplish?
  • How long will your assets last?

When we answer these questions, we set the baseline for your investment strategy, and we begin to envision an outcome from which we can work backwards. Your investment management strategy is about you and helping you fulfill your aspirations–the Advisor you select to accompany you on your financial journey is a means to help you get wherever you want to go.

How to Improve Your Cash Flow Management in Scottsdale

Cash flow is complex and unique in wealth management because it evolves as various aspects of your life and career evolve. Achieving your life goals could prove difficult without a sound cash flow strategy.

For people in the accumulation stage of life, the booming workforce of the greater Phoenix area, cash flow is about making sure you are saving in the right places (HSA, 401(k), IRA). It allows you to accommodate your day-to-day expenses while positioning yourself to accomplish your long-term goals. For those hoping to retire to the majestic beauty of the McDowell Mountains, cash flow is about comfort and peace of mind as you begin decumulating your hard-earned assets throughout your entire retirement. No matter where you are on your financial journey, TCI can provide you with a personalized strategy that considers living expenses, health, lifestyle and goals to preserve your peace of mind along the way.

Family walking in the woods in Denver
Family walking in the woods in Denver

Creating a Resilient Cash Flow Strategy in Scottsdale

Many people worry about whether they’ll have enough money to maintain their lifestyles in retirement. Some of our clients question whether they will outlive their money. The answers to these questions depend on their unique cash flow strategies, as well as their known and unknown expenses throughout retirement.

Your TCI Team works to develop your unique cash flow strategy based on your assets and what’s important to you. However, we’re also going to talk about how that strategy makes you feel along your financial journey. Getting the dollars and cents right is only half of the job. Do you need a bigger budget to play golf at Scottsdale’s beautiful courses? We can adjust for that. No strategy is set in stone as we know it will evolve throughout your retirement. You might put more money toward golf expenses in the beginning but play less and have more for medical expenses later in life. Let us focus on the dynamic nature of the market and its impact on your cash flow. At TCI in Scottsdale, we understand that flexibility is key, and we are committed to adjusting along the way to ensure your retirement strategy remains resilient and aligns with both your financial and emotional well-being.

Familly moving in to new home in Denver
Familly moving in to new home in Denver

Achieving Emotional Well-Being through Thoughtful Cash Flow Management

At TCI, we believe that cash flow isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the emotional security and comfort it provides. Our approach is grounded in the idea that money is a tool to help you achieve what you want in life. By articulating your unique vision of emotional comfort, setting realistic targets, and adhering to your plan, you position yourself not just for cash flow success but for a retirement filled with emotional security and comfort.

Portrait of Justin Rodriguez, CFP®

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