Investment Strategy

While investing is an important tool for growing your personal wealth, it can be used for so much more. If you’re interested in investing in businesses with values that align with your own, consider a sustainable investing strategy with TCI Wealth Advisors.

Sustainable investing goes beyond the scope of your personal wealth or retirement goals. By investing in organizations with responsible environmental, social, and corporate governance practices, you invest in a positive future for everyone.

At TCI, we can help you create a sustainable investing strategy and portfolio that you believe in.

Impact investing with TCI

Sustainable investing is not new, but investors are growing more conscious of how business practices will impact the environment and generations to come, now more than ever. To meet this need for impact investing, at TCI we create custom investing strategies that marry sustainability values with investment goals.


Sustainable portfolios

If environmental impact is a key driver in your investment strategy, TCI can help you build a sustainability portfolio of environmentally conscious organizations. We’ll evaluate and curate a list of sustainable companies according to factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, EPA citations, toxic spills, and more.

During a strategy or discovery meeting with your trusted TCI advisor, we’ll review each company to decide if they meet your individual standards


Social portfolios

Building a social portfolio based on traditional values is another approach to sustainable investing. Rather than choose sustainable organizations to add to your portfolio, this strategy excludes investments that you’d prefer to avoid.

Companies that engage in potentially harmful activities, such as gambling, tobacco, alcohol, and firearms, are often called “sin stocks.” You and your TCI advisor will work to identify these companies that do not align with your values and should be left out of your social portfolio.


Live a purpose-filled life

Successful investment returns and socially responsible, ethical corporate behavior can go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to forfeit sound investment principles in favor of sustainable values. With our careful and thorough evaluation process of each company, we’ll work with you to create a sustainable investment portfolio that you feel good about.

When you choose TCI for your sustainable investing needs, you know that you’re choosing a wealth advisory firm that believes in those practices, too. Our advisors are just as passionate about sustainable investing and making the world a better place.

Why choose TCI as your wealth advisors?

Sustainable investing means investing in progress, growth, and the health of our planet. It also means taking care of the long-term health of your finances. If you’re new to sustainable investing or investing strategies in general, we’re here to help you on your journey.

Your TCI advisor will ask questions, offer expert advice, and help you make informed investing decisions. These decisions and financial behaviors will set you up for a purpose-filled life in the future, and ensure you live a life aligned with your values today.

A team approach

At TCI, we work as a team to ensure that your needs are met and that your sustainable investment plan fits your wishes. We also make sure that you have every expert needed to help develop a plan that’s guided by your current (and future) cash flow. From estate attorneys to tax experts, we have a wide network of professionals here to support you.

A fee-only firm

TCI is an independent, fee-only firm, which means that you’ll work with a dedicated team who knows your situation and accounts intimately. As a fee-only firm, you’ll have transparency on the feesassociated with your plan, and you won’t have to worry that our advice is based on commissions or hidden fees.

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