Sustainable Core Funds

The traditional investment process often involves analyzing a company’s earnings growth or value in the marketplace. Sustainable investing does the same, but looks at a company through a third lens: its sustainability. What impact does the company have on the environment? Is it committed to ethical employee relationships and leadership?

With so many funds and deciding factors to consider, picking sustainable core funds for your portfolio can be overwhelming. TCI Wealth is here to help. Your trusted TCI Wealth advisor will guide you through the investment process, from evaluation to review to ongoing strategy.

Sustainable investing funds

If you’re interested in learning how you can align your sustainability values with your investment goals, TCI Wealth can help. We build a custom investment strategy and choose sustainable core funds by analyzing a company’s impact as well as their earnings growth and potential.


Measuring sustainability

With our weighted evaluation system, we analyze each potential sustainable investing fund to decide whether it meets your personal standards for sustainability. We look at a company’s history and practices to decide if it’s a worthy sustainable core fund.

Greenhouse gas emissions EPA citations, chemical emissions, factory farming, toxic spills, and recycling and waste management are top factors in our decision-making practice. If a company’s sustainability isn’t up to par, we’ll continue to evaluate and choose sustainable core funds for your review.


ESG investing with TCI

In addition to environmental impact, we also measure a company’s social and governance factors. Many of our clients want to invest in companies who not only have eco-friendly operations, but ethical practices and responsible leadership as well.

That’s why ESG data is such an important part of TCI’s Wealth’s investment process. Through our data-driven approach, we measure and report on potential sustainable core funds for your portfolio, ensuring that you understand each company’s sustainability performance. Sustainable investing is just as important to you as it is to us.

Why choose TCI as your wealth advisors?

When you choose TCI to begin ESG investing, you know that you’re choosing a wealth advisory firm that believes in investing with purpose, too. Our advisors are just as passionate about making the world a better place through ESG investing.

If you’re new to ESG investing or building a portfolio in general, we’re here to help you on your journey. When you work with a TCI advisor, they’ll offer you expert advice and help you make informed investing decisions. You’ll walk away from each meeting feeling confident and excited about your new ESG investing strategy and financial future.

A team approach

At TCI, we work as a team to ensure that your needs are met and that your sustainable investment plan fits your wishes. We also make sure that you have every expert needed to help develop a plan that’s guided by your current (and future) cash flow. From estate attorneys to tax experts, we have a wide network of professionals here to support you.

A fee-only firm

TCI is an independent, fee-only firm, which means that you’ll work with a dedicated team who knows your situation and accounts intimately. As a fee-only firm, you’ll have transparency on the feesassociated with your plan, and you won’t have to worry that our advice is based on commissions or hidden fees.

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