TCI Joins Zero Alpha Group

Missy Eddy, MBA

Oct 22, 2014

The Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) Adds Eighth Member Firm

  • ZAG welcomes TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. to its membership
  • TCI is headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with seven total locations in the western U.S.
  • ZAG forms and announces a new Leadership Team structure
  • Ten international firms representing four countries attend semi-annual ZAG members’ meeting to observe US RIAs in collaboration

Tucson, AZ, October 22nd – The Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) announced today the addition of its newest member, TCI Wealth Advisors, to its ranks. With TCI, ZAG—a national alliance of independent wealth management firms—now has eight member firms.

“After many meetings with the member firms of ZAG and their people, we knew we had found like-minded professionals engaged in best practices for the benefit of their clients.  TCI is excited to continue the relationship of learning and collaboration with these firms and believe we will bring value to ZAG as well.  It is clear that membership and participation in ZAG will benefit our clients and our employees, two groups of paramount importance to TCI.  We are proud to be the newest member of ZAG,” says Trisa Summers, President of TCI Wealth Advisors.

ZAG and any potential new member firm engage in an extensive due diligence process, designed to ensure strong compatibility.  Given the transparent nature of sharing and interaction that is at the core of ZAG, prospective members commit to diving deep on everything from business structure, investment approach, compliance practices, human capital metrics, marketing, ethics and more.

“We are thrilled to have TCI Wealth Advisors join our organization,” says Justin Stets, President of Carlson Capital Management and ZAG’s President. “TCI is one of the largest independent RIAs in the Southwest, and employs a team with a great deal of experience and expertise. We have found them to be deeply committed to advancing the best interests of their clients—and this is at the core of what is most important to ZAG.”

All aspects of a firm’s business is “on the table”.   Some of the elements ZAG considers when evaluating a new member include:

  • Is the firm highly compatible with existing member firms?
  • Is a potential new member demonstrably ethical, supportive of their community, and strategic in their approach to business development and client service?
  • Are they CEFEX certified or willing to become CEFEX certified?
  • Are there AIFs at the practitioner level within the firm?
  • Is the firm both client AND colleague centric, creating a prosperous environment for all?
  • Is there intellectual capital to add to the conversation that exists within ZAG?
  • Is there growth occurring, and is this a firm we can learn from?
  • Are we ready to “share everything” about how we grow?

“Trust, transparency and sustainability.  These values foundationally support the growth of ZAG firms.  Additionally, all firms acknowledge the importance of innovation and collaboration—which ultimately benefits our clients. We operate in a sacred space in that we are the trusted integrated wealth advisors to thousands of families – and we owe it to them to constantly seek ways to serve them better,” notes Stets.

Katie Cullen, Executive Director of ZAG, comments, “One constant over the years for ZAG is the refusal to rest on accomplishments.  We insist on listening and learning from our clients and from each other.  We are acutely intent on supporting the human capital needs of our growing member firms, positioning them to remain at the forefront of this industry.”

In addition to admitting TCI into full membership at its semi-annual meeting in Boston last week, ZAG welcomed ten international advisory firms to observe its collaborative model.  The group of international advisors is exploring an international advisor network designed to share ideas that work cross-border. This group of independent international advisory firms is using ZAG as a guide in their formative efforts.

Approaching the twentieth year of its existence, in 2014 ZAG also formed a new Leadership Team, which is comprised of senior leaders from each firm. This leadership group complements the existing model which includes a founder group and cross-functional teams that form to serve various aspects of the independent advisory business.


About Zero Alpha Group

ZAG is a national network of wealth management firms committed to applying progressive and integrative techniques to wealth management practices to serve clients in a truly fiduciary capacity. The members firms, collectively managing over $14 billion for more than 8500 clients, are fiercely independent and entrepreneurial, sharing a common bond in their investment philosophy, wealth management approach, and client focus.

ZAG provides a venue for members to gain advanced professional knowledge, engage in a transparent exchange of business ideas, and explore new business ideas in order to provide members with opportunities for continued advancement and growth. ZAG member firms strive to build sustainable business models that drive the organization’s progress and pave the way for the next generation of financial leaders. This close affiliation encourages professional accountability as members challenge one another to attain higher levels of client service and technical expertise. ZAG recognizes and embraces its obligation to serve as a fiduciary with respect to clients under management, requiring the firms to be independently certified as adhering to the highest global standards of investment standards by CEFEX.

About TCI Wealth Advisors

TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. is an independent, fee-only wealth advisory firm headquartered in Tucson, Ariz. with an uncompromising commitment to the happiness of clients and staff. With offices in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Reno, Nev., Santa Fe, NM, Denver, CO, and Santa Monica, CA and over $1.6 billion in assets under management, TCI is one of the largest independent, registered investment advisory firms in the West. For more information, visit or call 520-733-1477.



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