TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. (“TCI”) was founded in 1990 with the fundamental principle of putting clients’ interests first through trusted, respectful, honest and open communication. With offices in Tucson, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Denver and Reno, TCI is one of the largest independent, registered investment advisory firms in the West.

TCI maintains all the best parts of a small firm while leveraging the benefits of a large firm. Our proactive process focuses primarily on client values, goals, interests, and desires allowing TCI to provide a complete financial solution – balancing wealth and well-being.

Independent and Fee-Only

TCI is committed to the practice of providing independent investment and financial planning advice. TCI is 100% owned by shareholders active in the firm, thereby allowing the company to steer clear of any conflicts of interest that may arise when a firm is owned by a company that has a proprietary product-based investment solution. TCI’s fee-only independence, combined with our long-standing relationships with other like-minded financial professionals, allows the firm to provide successful conflict-free and unbiased financial guidance, based solely on the needs and expectations of each client.

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100-Year Firm

TCI is committed to the concept of a 100-year firm; a company that will be around for not only our clients today but for their children and grandchildren into the future. Planning to meet individual and family goals includes focusing on future aspirations and generations. In 2012, TCI launched the ASPIRE program designed to provide younger people with access to sound financial planning and investment management. Historically, this type of service has not been readily available to this part of the population. TCI is committed to providing sound financial advice to you, your family, and the generations that will carry on your legacy.

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Evidence-Based Investing

Our investment philosophy is based on award-winning academic research and, when coupled with comprehensive planning, we believe it provides an effective solution to assist our clients in having a successful wealth management experience. We believe in a structured approach to investing which utilizes, low-cost and tax-efficient investment solutions.

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Our Values

Team TCI

We are humble, emphasize Team TCI over self or individual office, and define success collectively rather than individually.

Client Focus

All TCI clients are my clients and I provide each of them with my very best.

Attitude for Better

We strive to find innovative ways to approach situations, embrace challenges, maximize opportunities and collaborate to find solutions.


We communicate with honesty and kindness, treat every person we encounter with respect and seek opportunities to develop, mentor, and motivate each other.


We lead with thoughts of abundance not scarcity. We share our time and resources so we can contribute, celebrate, and share in each other’s success.


We believe in synergy between all areas of life: work, home, family, community, personal well-being and health. Work/Life Integration allows us to work hard and smart so we can have a greater sense of fulfillment and offer the best version of ourselves to our families, colleagues, clients and communities.

Regional Presence

We’re proud to have five locations across the western US. The scale of our multi-regional firm gives TCI a unique, multi-disciplinary team, one capable of handling even the most challenging and complex Financial Planning needs.

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