Is that you again, Chicken Little?


Mar 12, 2020

As financial Chicken Little sightings increase by the day and some of you may be falling prey to his “sky is falling” message, we have a plan to kill that bird.  To be clear, the health concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are very real and we urge you to follow the guidance of the CDC. When it comes to markets and your financial future, however, Mr. Little takes full advantage in creating irrational fears in an uncertain environment.  The only way to win that battle is to build your confidence and TCI is going back to basics with you to accomplish just that. 

Judging by the very low number of concerned phone calls lately, most of you have not reached a level of fear or anxiety that could start you down the road to emotional and poor decision-making.  That speaks well to your understanding of the importance of not over-reacting to a lot of short-term uncertainty. 

Many investors and their advisors are ensconced in a reactive (rather than pro-active) style of portfolio management that will make transactions now (usually selling) under the belief that they “have done something.”  This type of action is emotional and fear-based and has never been a prescription for long term financial success.

We recognize that there has always been a reason to be worried whether it was the ‘87 crash, Y2K, the tech bubble, $4.00 gasoline, the real estate bubble, or today’s pandemic.  Please don’t think it’s different this time because that has been said each and every time we’ve had a crisis. The reasons change, but the underlying market action remains the same.

Our core belief is that financial peace of mind is created not by bold predictions or by over-dissecting every crisis du jour.  Rather it is to thoughtfully and wisely create a financial plan and portfolio built on client goals and values that will handle and actually take advantage of all the crisis du jours no matter what form they take.  In other words, the best strategy is to build a financial house that can handle a hurricane rather than spending time, energy and anxiety trying to avoid it.

TCI has been doing just that for clients for 30 years.  We know how to get you where you want to go.  To use a phrase that says it pretty well, “We’ve got your back.”

As always, don’t hesitate to call or setup a meeting as well.  We look forward to getting through another tough time together.

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