What Real Investors are thinking


Sep 7, 2010

Real Investors are not being represented well in most traditional news outlets. It would be easy to believe that all the economic and financial news is awful and that there is no reason to invest right now. A la contraire!

This is an ideal time for Real investors. They recognize three key things that amateur investors are mis-read.

  1. Money has been leaving stocks in record numbers only to be put into cash and bonds at record levels.
  2. Corporations hold record levels of cash right now.
  3. Fear and uncertainty are at very high levels.

This type of environment makes Real investors cheer. They love buying, adding to, and holding great equity assets… especially when the amateurs are so scared and hoarding cash.

As Warren Buffet says, “I buy when others are fearful.” Not a bad guy to listen to when times are tough (as well as your TCI advisor!)

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