Priorities Assessment: Individual

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Welcome to Life Strategy by TCI's Priorities Assessment. It should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Before we launch into things, I first wanted to provide you with a little context.

Our work at TCI is based on the premise that people with a clear sense of purpose, and a commitment to living a life consistent with their values, goals, and dreams, lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

And more simply stated, we believe:

Maximum Chances of Happiness = Clear Priorities + Efficient Resource Allocation

And in that spirit, this tool is designed to foster self-reflection around the way you feel about money, as well as to help you clarify your future financial objectives.

Once completed, you'll receive an email containing all of your answers.

OK, here we go...


What’s your first and last name? *


What's your email address? *


Do you see yourself on your current career path until retirement or do you hope to make a career transition at some point?


Our personal values significantly impact both the priorities we set for ourselves and the way we choose to allocate our resources.

In that spirit, please select the five words or phrases below that best describe your personal values.

Choose as many as you like



Please answer the following questions about the way you are currently allocating your time:

  1. I spend enough time with my family.

  2. I spend enough time with my friends.

  3. I spend enough time taking care of my own needs.

  4. I spend enough time thinking about how to foster the growth and development of my family.

  5. I spend enough time giving back to my community or other charitable causes.


Please answer the following questions about how you feel about money.

  1. I'm afraid I'll run out of money.

  2. I'm afraid of becoming a burden on my family.

  3. My spouse/partner and I view money differently.

  4. I view money in the same way my parents view(ed) money.

  5. I feel stressed or anxious when I think about money.

  6. I feel like we have less money than our friends and neighbors.

  7. What does money represent to you (e.g., Security, Power, Status, etc.)


The following are things you could potentially spend your money on to better align your life with your values, goals, and dreams.

Please rate each option as one of the following:

  • Need (I absolutely need it)
  • Want (I want it a lot, but it's not a necessity)
  • Wish (it's not really a priority, but I wish I could have it)
  • Not applicable
  1. More time and flexibility to focus on the things I value the most

  2. Personal development (e.g., take classes, hire a trainer, nurture a hobby, etc.)

  3. Transition to a career that is a better fit for me

  4. Contribute to the cost of education for our children and/or grandchildren

  5. Special one-time gifts for our children and/or grandchildren (e.g., home down payment, wedding, car, etc.)

  6. Supplement the living expenses of our adult children and/or grandchildren.

  7. Special one-time gifts for me and/or my spouse (e.g., luxury car, boat, jewelry, etc.)

  8. Upgrade my primary residence and/or buy a second home

  9. Travel more often

  10. Please list any other Needs, Wants, or Wishes that are not covered here.


Do you have a clear vision for where you'd like you and your family to be in the next five years AND a clear plan for how you are going to get there?


What are the most pressing issues on your mind right now related to your overall financial picture?


Before we finish up, we wanted to find out if you are interested in speaking to us further about our Life Strategy by TCI program?

Please note that the account minimum for this program is $500,000 in liquid assets, but in some situations we do make exceptions.

In that spirit, if this assessment and the Life Strategy approach to wealth management resonates with you, we'd enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.

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