TCI Founder Bob Swift recognized as the 2016 Pro Bono Planner of the Year

Missy Eddy, MBA

Aug 1, 2016

Financial Planning and Foundation for Financial Planning Pro Bono Awards, a non-profit devoted to connecting the financial planning community with people in need, awarded Bob Swift of TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. as their 6th Annual Pro Bono Planner of the Year for his vision and devotion to the TCI Foundation. The TCI Foundation was recognized for their community service work of advisers who have contributed their time and talents to helping the underserved take control of their finances.

Swift founded TCI Wealth Advisors in 1990 to provide objective financial education to anyone who was serious about building a financially secure future. Through Swifts’ twenty-five years with TCI Wealth Advisors, he never forgot the importance of early financial education and in 2014 created the TCI Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. The TCI Foundation was established to provide unbiased, professional financial education and one-on-one advisory services at no cost to clients who typically do not have access to this advice.

In 2016, the TCI Foundation launched the 3rd Decade program targeting young adults (in their 3rd decade) with a two-year program of financial education, personal advisory services and inspiration to start building their financial security early. This program targets individuals of moderate means to develop good financial habits and decisions in the earlier part of their life. Since 2014, the TCI Foundation has served over 900 individuals with financial education.

“Bob Swift is wholly committed to the mission of the TCI Foundation, not only providing his vision and leadership but doing the day-to-day work of the Foundation: meeting with clients one-on-one, teaching classes both in our dedicated classroom and at work-sites, and meeting with community and agency leaders to work together to meet the needs of their clients and constituents,” stated Laura Walton, TCI Foundation’s executive director.

The TCI Foundation’s vision doesn’t end with financial education and advisory services. Long-term they hope to improve financial literacy for everyone in the 3rd Decade by bringing this vision of service to other wealth advisors to easily duplicate this model in their communities.

About TCI Foundation
TCI Foundation is a privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; there is no charge to participate in the classes or to receive ongoing advisory services. Financial professionals with the TCI Foundation uphold the fiduciary standard providing unbiased information in the client’s best interests. For more information visit

About TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc.
TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. is an independent, fee-only wealth advisory firm headquartered in Tucson, AZ with an uncompromising commitment to balancing wealth and well-being for clients. With offices in Scottsdale/Flagstaff, AZ; Reno, NV; Santa Fe, NM; Denver, CO; and Santa Monica, CA, and over $2 billion in assets under management, TCI is one of the largest independent, registered investment advisory firms in the West. For more information, visit

Financial Planning and Foundation for Financial Planning Pro Bono Awards Article
For the awards article on Bob Swift and the TCI Foundation, visit

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