The mission of the TCI Foundation to serve individuals who are either under-served or not served at all by traditional financial advisors. The TCI Foundation helps people improve financial decision making skills through education and access to professional financial advisors

Our Mission

The TCI Foundation was created to give individuals the opportunity to build a secure financial future for themselves by providing education and access to professional advice. Many individuals are overwhelmed about not having a financial plan in place. Some individuals have been saving for a long period of time with unsatisfying results. We understand that financial planning is not just for the wealthy and our goal is to help get sound advice from an advisor that isn’t trying to sell you something.


Financial Education

The most important aspect of financial literacy is having the right information to help inform your decision. Through the 3rd Decade, the TCI Foundation gives you a specific strategy that is built around your unique needs and goals in life. We then help you create a plan that’s easy to understand that will help you ,meet your goals. Finally, we provide you with an implementation strategy that is easy to comprehend and do yourself. Each financial education course consists of four classes once a month for 4 months to help individuals with everything from budgeting to investing.


3rd Decade

TCI is the founding partner of the 3rd Decade. The 3rd Decade helps give individuals the understanding of what is needed to build a secure financial future. The classes help individuals gain skills in planning, budgeting, and investing and grants access to traditional financial planning services at no charge. Enrolling in the 3rd Decade is a great way to establish hope and a vision to succeed in reaching your financial goals.

Most individuals often lack access to sound financial education, training, and support to make good decisions about their financial futures. The 3rd Decade was created to help you become aware of these obstacles and make a plan towards surmounting them. Click the link below to learn more about the 3rd Decade and enroll in the next cohort!


Regional Presence

We’re proud to have five locations across the western US. The scale of our multi-regional firm gives TCI a unique, multi-disciplinary team, one capable of handling even the most challenging and complex Financial Planning needs.

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