Retirement Plans

Professional Businesses Are Unique
Their Retirement Plans Should Be Too.

Not all retirement plans are created equally — nor should they be. Individual companies require unique solutions, and TCI Retirement Plan advisors are committed to creating a customized solution tailored to your business. We partner with you from day one to ensure you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities at every stage of the process.

Our advisors work with you to determine your primary needs and objectives to help develop the best solution for you and your employees. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you manage the liability that comes with a corporate retirement plan and help you work toward successful outcomes.

1 ) Optimize Benefits Through A Custom Plan Design

Your plan’s framework should strike a balance between meeting today’s objectives while also supporting future growth. A custom plan design based on your unique needs and employee demographics can help recruit and retain talent. In addition it allows you to maximize contributions for owners while controlling overall costs.


2) Mitigate Fiduciary Liability

As an ERISA Section 3(38) Investment Manager, we understand the role of a plan sponsor comes with high fiduciary risk and standards of care. You can delegate your fiduciary liability for investment selection and monitoring to TCI.


3) Simplify The Investing Experience

TCI’s Model Investment Portfolios simplify the investing experience for your employees while ensuring broad diversification. We believe a well-grounded, disciplined investment philosophy can reduce the angst of market volatility and help avoid fees that chip away at market performance.


4) Streamline Plan Management

With over 25 years of financial service experience, we will be your trusted advisor streamlining day-to-day plan management allowing you to keep your focus on your business. We will review and help you select the right record keeper and third party administrator to ensure competitive fees and the best resources for your business and employees. TCI solutions allow investment management, recordkeeping and administration fees to be paid by the business which allows them to be tax deductible and reduces fees paid from plan assets.


5) Engage Employees

As an employer, it is important that you equip your participants for success — financial independence. We offer more than basic investment information. Our education and enrollment meetings emphasize all areas of financial planning and the importance of saving for retirement. TCI will engage your employees in the process by helping them identify the amount they need to be saving to replace their income at retirement. Not only will this allow your employees to continue their quality of life, it will also help them understand how the retirement plan complements their entire benefits package. Studies show that businesses who prepare their employees for retirement lower their own labor costs while improving workforce engagement.

Could the text below be in a box on the right side of the page? TCI offers comprehensive services across all types of retirement plans (trustee and participant-directed):

• 401(k)

• Profit Sharing

• Cash Balance

• Defined Benefit

• 403(b)

Our experienced team, unique academic-based investment strategy, transparency of fees — and our strong fiduciary commitment to our Clients —set us apart.

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