Father’s Day Wisdom

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® Yes, Dad, You Did Actually Teach Me A Few Things In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought I’d relay some lessons my father has taught me (consciously or not) throughout the years. Don’t spend more than you earn. This seems obvious, but evidence says many … [Read more...]

The Age-Old Question

By Lori Booth-Houle, CPA, CFP® “Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.” – Groucho Marx How much time do we each have to live? As planners, the reaction we get from clients if we do a retirement cash flow analysis and … [Read more...]

Correcting some Common Tax Misconceptions

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® Well, hello there. How’s that for a catchy title? You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a blog posted in several weeks now. With various work and personal travel plus some extra responsibilities around the office, I haven’t been able to put pen to paper (or fingers … [Read more...]

Letting Go

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® Spring cleaning is just around the corner for many, but being that I live in Tucson and we are pretty much in Spring from January-May my wife and I got started early last week. We never feel as if we keep too much stuff around, but that hypothesis was once again tested … [Read more...]

A Lesson Learned

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® I’m fortunate to be part of a year-long program this year focusing on leadership. I look forward to hearing different perspectives and how I might implement the lessons across my professional and personal life. But I bring this program up not to tell you about what’s in … [Read more...]

New Year Resolutions

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® Happy 2017! I’ve always been leery of New Year’s Resolutions—I say if you want to make a resolution to better yourself or your situation in some way, just start immediately. Nevertheless, we’ve always enjoyed marking arbitrary points in time as a society, so in that … [Read more...]

Elections are Nonpartisan Long-Term

Regardless of which side of the ticket you supported, yesterday's election surprise was a "Brexit" type of event, one which will certainly be remembered from a historic perspective. Markets are likely to be volatile today and in the near future. As prudent investors, the most straightforward way … [Read more...]

But what have markets done for me lately

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® We’re now more than seven months into the year, so I don’t think it hurts to check in on how various markets have performed in 2016. With the normal caveats—none of this means anything as far as actionable information for the future; the first seven months of 2016 is an … [Read more...]

TCI Founder Bob Swift recognized as the 2016 Pro Bono Planner of the Year

Financial Planning and Foundation for Financial Planning Pro Bono Awards, a non-profit devoted to connecting the financial planning community with people in need, awarded Bob Swift of TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc. as their 6th Annual Pro Bono Planner of the Year for his vision and devotion to the TCI … [Read more...]

Running Out of Time

By Sam Swift, CFA, CFP® My kid is approaching his first birthday which means that my (weak) excuses for not working out and eating poorly are starting to run thin. He’s in a comfortable routine now (including bypassing the pile of toys each day to play with the dog leashes/empty cups/shutters), … [Read more...]


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